Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 4 and 5

Now that I have a couple of official followers (welcome/いらしゃいませ!)I guess I'll have to be better at keeping up.

Day 4 - yesterday

About the same - the spots on the side of my head are getting more prominent but the worst pain was from where I knicked my scalp shaving. ;-) Others have said that once they get into this, they have to stop shaving.

Day 5 - Thursday October 27th - Only 25 days to go!

The mottling on my temples is getting redder, and a few spots have cropped up right where I expected. The areas around the spots that were previously burnt off are clear so far, so I guess all the nasty stuff was killed off in those areas. Pretty amazing when you look at it and think that this is all sun damage. The AK spots (actinic keratosis or "solar" keratosis) spots on the top of my head aren't as rough/scaly as they were before.

I tried taking some photos this am but no luck... I had to get to work. Perhaps I'll work on it tonight or tomorrow. Other than that, just the occasional itch and a dull headache. Others have talked about a burning sensation (like sunburn) but I haven't experienced that yet. I'm not feeling great today and am quite nauseous. I can't be sure if its from the cream or perhaps the flu bug that seems to be going around. Time will tell.

Two more days until I start doing my entire face - for 3 weeks.

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  1. Oh sureeeeeeeeee... I'M not worth keeping it up for, but anyone else IS! *harrumph*

    I would think you'd have to stop shaving. Just thinking about it makes me go "Aiyee!"

    Sorry you're feeling nauseated... did they prescribe anti-nausea drugs for you?