Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 24

I think my shower today was about 45 minutes long and in two phases. After the first shower, I looked in the mirror and my face was grey. (Note to self... start showering with the phone) All the dead skin on the surface had sopped up water and I looked like something someone had dug up after being planted for a few weeks. To be honest, even if I had taken a picture, I'm not sure I'd have posted it here. It was that gruesome.

So it was then back into the shower to GENTLY exfoliate some of the dead skin off.

As I finished and it started drying, it really started to hurt. You know you're in trouble when putting chemotherapeutic cream on your face feels good. At least it was moisture of some sort.

I had a great lunch with friends, with lots of laughter (which REALLY hurt btw!)

Every time I look in a mirror I can't help but wonder, like many have before me I'm sure, how will this ever turn into something normal looking again?

I also hope that I can somehow skip the crusting phase that comes the week after you stop treatment! I know, not likely.

Two things I mean to mention before I forget..

Last night I went out after it got dark (as you do while you're doing this) and was checking my neighborhood Rexall drugstore to see if they have Aquaphor (now that I know what it looks like). They do. While I was there, I was checking out the sunscreen section. They only had one product that does not have Oxybenzone in it. Ombrelle makes a product with Mexoryl. For more information on Oxybenzone and good sunscreens, go here.

From there I went outside to have a veggie hotdog from a street vendor. (no comments about the health implications of eating street food please!) While I was sitting there, someone came up and tried to give me money. I guess they thought I was homeless or down on my luck (well, 1 out of 2). I was taken aback at first and started to protest but then took the money and gave it to another guy around the corner on my way home who is always asking for spare change.

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  1. it's always good to pay it forward. ;)

    Your nose looks relatively clear of spots too. How funny, I thought that would be a part of your face that gets a lot of sun.

    So, crusting phase - right in time for our dinner? Looking forward to kissing you then! lol xo