Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 33 - Healing day 3

Well, those who've walked before me are right.

You struggle through 30 days of applying this stuff to your raw, sore skin - only to discover that it doesn't end then.

I think I got a total of about 45 minutes solid sleep last night, thanks for the constant itching/pain. People have asked what the pain feels like. I can probably best describe it as that feeling you get when you first realize a mosquito is biting you, but all over your face.

For whatever reason, as I've mentioned, it gets worse at night. My chin feels fine during the day, relatively speaking, but last night the pain was radiating through my jaw. Very similar to the feeling you get when you bite into something really sour and you get that achey feeling and produce excess saliva.

Again, I did the running back and forth to the sink splashing cold water on my face, followed with Aquaphor (I don't own stock in this stuff - honest!) and then laying in bed with a cold towel placed over my head/face.

Fun times.

On the positive side, I have noticed that some of the reddening is less intense, and fading from parts of my cheeks.

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  1. I couldn't remember whether I posted or not yesterday before my computer when boom (!) (well, not really "boom" - more like sirens flashing and Whoopi Goldberg's voice saying "You in danger gurl!" before it shut itself off to repair the damage - which it is still doing more than 12 hours later [!])blah, blah... I see I didn't. lol

    Do you think a sleeping aid would help? Could you get one from your GP? If it's a calming thing you need, I have a couple of extra Atavan around that I could bring for you tonight.

    I'll do that anyway.

    See you in a few hours!