Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 28

Tonight was my last application on my face below my eyes.

Overall, a fairly good day with very little pain, except while in the shower this morning. I
tried not to touch some of the skin that was falling off.

If things go the way they have been, I should start feeling more pain tonight after midnight.
My chin has been very sore as there's some very deep-rooted action going on there.

Shaving is very painful, even with a new blade. Especially on the chin area thats swollen. Note: I only use triple bladed razors. I can't even imagine attempting to shave, even under normal circumstances, with a double or even single bladed razor. I have an electric somewhere, but can't seem to find it.

Only two more days for my forehead!

Interestingly, the lone, circlish, whitish spot on my forehead (seen at top photo on the right) appears to be where my first AK was burnt off (2 years ago?). There is a smaller white spot under it that appears to be damage-free area from the first spot being burnt off.

The bottom photo shows the inflammation in my chin. It's very tough skin and feels similar to how your cheek feels when you have freezing at the dentists. Also darker than the red around it.

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  1. At least the creaming part is nearly over - and then the healing begins!