Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 18 - Help me Obiwan Kenobi!

I will add to this later, but if you've stumbled across this site because you're going to be doing Efudex treatment, do yourself a favor and order some Aquaphor in advance. If you are in Canada, it can be hard to find, but I know at least one Shoppers Drug Mart has it. If you cannot find it anywhere, let me know and I will send you some. I've seen it for sale on line for 5.99 US.
It's way overpriced here in Canada - $11 for 1.75 oz and you might have qualms about putting what is essentially vaseline on your face.
Do it. Do not even think of trying to "get by" without it. Its pretty amazing.

Note that in Canada, the "Eucerin" name appears in larger font at the top of the tube... Aquaphor appears smaller in the middle of the tube.

I was ready to commit several different types of homicide/manslaughter today, tore a bank appraiser a new one (he deserved it) and I think I scared the bejeezus out of one of my neighbors because she didn't recognize me. Pain and discomfort.
I called the Shoppers near me and they had it. The young woman that worked in the cosmetics department couldn't have been nicer (she was amazed that the "healing water" tester she told me to try, stung.) I got my Aquaphor (made by Eucerin) came home and put some of it on.

I won't say it was like dipping in an alpine lake, but some of the pain and tightness has diminished. To the point where I am up and not feeling too bad. However, if I were that bank appraiser, given his attitude today, he shouldn't expect to leave here on Monday unscathed.

I was ready to crawl up into a ball and self medicate for the evening... how was I going to get through another 12 days of this before the healing can begin?? This stuff may make it possible.

Be warned, it will amplify your redness and I noticed that a few minutes after applying it, some of the skin on my forehead had "bubbled" to the surface. However, I am hoping that I'll be able to sleep better tonight.

NOTE: As you know, you are not supposed to apply anything to your skin within two hours of Efudex application. Make sure you apply the Aquaphor AFTER the two hours have expired.

Day 18


  1. Glad you're finding some relief. At $11 a tube that seems cheap! xo

  2. I'd have gladly paid double that!

  3. BTW hon, I came across this today. You've probably seen it, but if your search terms were different, you may not have. And if you have, perhaps some of your readers haven't.

    I found it interesting mostly because it's doctors who are talking to each other about the benefits/detriment of it - I found the one doctor who said he "hates" it because his patients never stop calling him because of the pain they're in (!); and also the possible link between tolearance for the drug / what time of year it is/ where you live.

    The idea that you might have to do this every few years though - phew. :( Big hugs and kisses to you darling. xoxox

  4. Two nights ago I slept until about 1 in the afternoon. I guess I needed it.
    Last night... not so much. Had to get up a few times to put some Aquaphor on. Thanks for the link... I recall seeing that before. It's not unsurprising to see the difference of opinions between Drs. There seems to be a very wide range of durations for the treatment. 2 weeks up to 4 weeks and then the extended periods where you only use it once or twice a week.