Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 26 - A night of torture

I can say that last night was a night I won't soon forget.
I went to bed about 10 and tossed and turned until about midnight, when my face started to feel as if someone was going at it with a blowtorch, and then fire ants had a picnic afterwards.

It was, in a word, horrific.
Who came up with this idea of a treatment?
I am in awe of anyone who has done 30 days of this.

I read somewhere recently: "its not hell, but you can see hell from here".
Very apt.

I put cold facecloths on my face and eventually broke out the ice packs and crawled into bed with them. It offered some relief, but not enough where I could fall asleep. Even my usual 2 allergy tablets, which normally knock me out - did nothing. I finally dozed off at 8:30 this am... just in time for the phone to ring at 9:15. I couldn't muster the strength to answer it.

Eventually I had to get up to put more of this stuff on my face. I did everything south of my forehead and thought "enough is enough". I can't do this anymore. I left my forehead without Efudex but put some Aquaphor on it to give it some moisture.

I eventually felt bad and put some efudex on very sparingly on top of the aquaphor. At this point, I don't know if I can tough out another two days for my face, and 5 days for my forehead.

My chin doesn't even feel like my own skin. It's thick and my dimple is almost flattened. It's so swollen I'm walking around with a perma-smirk.

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  1. don't feel bad honey, but you do need to finish your treatment. I can only imagime how bad it is, but the alternative can can only be worse!

    Be strong, brave heart! xo