Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 9

Happy Halloween!

Things are progressing well now, as is the pain.
I find its at it's worst in the morning as you start moving your face/forehead muscles. It's like having ground glass rubbed into an open wound. I'd gladly advocate having Botox done before doing Efudex... but I admit that having this stuff on my forehead means I don't move it around as much.

As the day goes on, it gets better painwise, and I find that some of the redness tames down a bit.

I'm SO glad I started doing this in the fall and not at the beginning of summer. Even sitting in sunlight through the car window is very painful.

I started putting the Efudex on the rest of my face and ears two days ago, and I'm off to the Drs. tomorrow.


  1. I hope you're wearing a hat - even if you're sitting inside the car now hon! You shouldn't be exposing your skin to sunlight all, right?

    I'm glad that pain gets better throughout the day, though. Oy. Are you still experiencing the nausea?

  2. Oh I'm definately wearing a hat any time I'm outside. There are some trains of thought that a little sunlight helps a little bit, but frankly, it hurts too much to even consider it.

    No nausea so far this week.

  3. Helps a little bit? Isn't the sun like de debil for you from now on?